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We are Cain: debaucherous intent

Artist: The curse ft.the lunacy of satanom
Artist's Description
The mark of antiquity

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Metal, Indie, Straight Edge Punk, Gothic Metal
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Evil
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$125.00

We are Cain: debaucherous intent

By The curse ft.the lunacy of satanom

I'm not alone
I'm just a seperant
I'm not alone
I'm just self serving

I don't know why
I'm cursed with you
My love for you
Has revealed the truth

I'm not a part of the truth
That all had concieved
I'm the debauchery
Within evil
That was formed into belief


You were my brother
Now you're my only victim
We were God's children
now I'm Satan's witness

My birth was concieved
Now hate has become my vice
I use to live righteous
Now I'm marked
As a child of the night


You don't love me
Even though our Father's the same
God doesn't love you
Satan's just playing the game

Death is bestowed
Unto you
As my greatest
By men bred of the guild
It's hells holy Communion

I'm not against you
You're my greatest conviction
I'm just against
All the things
That have happened since


You we're born of my mother
Now you're my victim
We were God's children
But now im Jehovah's witness

My birth was God's belief
I'm marked
With an enternal fire
So now I'll live for vice
As a child of the night


My offering unto
Was accepted in vain
Now all of my days
Fueled by rage

I was born
Apart from lust
Now hate has
Become my vice

No where
Is my home
I'm lost inside of myself
Trying to escape hells wrath
As I reside
Amongst the tombstones
Made from flesh and bone
I've known no other fate
Except for my own


We were sired of our Father
But now you're his victim
We were not of God's children
So now we live on as victims
Our mark is antiquity
God has delivered
His witness
May Lucifer illuminate all
In his glorious

My birth was acknowledgement
In wane of your faith
I must destroy all
That have me live this way


I'm not alone
I'm just apart of something else
I'm not angry
I'm just someone else


God offered you life
But we were
Enticed by death
So I offered you death
As I mutilated
Your flesh

You lie there alone
As prophecy reclaimed
It's witness
I become exalted
As the ruler of it's children
Leave false witness
You'll never know repentance
As your crucified
By men forged from the guild

I'm apart of creation
But I have
A debaucherous intent
I'm not apart of
Anything that acknowledges

God's descendants have betrayed me
Death is my constant
I'm crave the will of the deities
And it's benevolence


You were my brother
Now you're my compassionate
May all the victimized
Live as idolaters
Plagued by it's victims...


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