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Just a passer-by

Artist: jerry freemann
Artist's Description
I think the song 'Passenger' by Iggy Pop is behind that

Genre(s): Folk, General Blues, General Country, General Pop, General Rock
Mood(s): Bouncy, Relaxed
Style(s): Nightclub, Psychedelic, Travelling
Language(s): English
Extended License:$100.00

just a passer-by

By jerry freemann
1 a road sign says you cannot go
I really don’t know why that’s so
the next one says that going’s fine
although it looks bit out of line

2 there are some people who won’t move
while others shout and don’t approve
I think some reason should go there
I guess there’s problem in the air

chorus 1
so I decided to look on
and wonder what that’s for and why
when it is over I’ll be gone
cause I am just a passer-by

3 a flag is there and some salute
and their devotion’s absolute
while others just laugh in their face
and take the honour with all grace

4 some people shout that it’s not right
some others are prepared to fight
I think some reason’s coming near
but what it does is still not clear

chorus 2
so I decided just to stay
to see then what that’s for and why
and when it ends I’ll go away
cause I am just a passer-by

5 a cupid lingers there above
with some sharp arrows full of love
now one such arrow’s in my heart
so shall I wait for love to start

6 you tell me looking in my eyes
that it’s for me you moved the skies
the reason tells me that it’s real
and it’s pure love that I should feel

chorus 3
so I decided just to wait
to check then what that’s for and why
I’ll go when all this turns to hate
cause I am just a passer-by

don’t shout if I misunderstand
I’m still not sure although I try
it’s hard to read signs in the sand
cause I am just a passer-by


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