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'Seize the Exquizitely Broken Day'

Artist: GemInEye
Artist's Description
In light of all the events currently in the year 2020, this is a lyric which combines the premise of both previous songs on my portfolio. Dealing with both police brutality and with the Coronavirus.

Genre(s): Blues, Metal, General Blues
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Industrial
Style(s): Humanity
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$75.00

'Seize the Exquizitely Broken Day'

By GemInEye

There's nothing wrong
with a world that's broken

Nothing wrong with me
onlly words misspoken

Nothing wrong here
it's all just broken
Nothing wrong here
it's all just broken

as per usual

[Verse One

creeping again
masked amid
a devilish grin

It's not okay
to be okay
when all around
explicit pain

the exquizit dreain



[Verse Two]

Locked in a box
hidden away from me

are my basic needs
of solice & sleep

I pray what I may
call whom I wish to keep

the memories of this exquizit dream



[Verse Three]

How sad that man
controls his fate

no mercy, only self deception today

able & willing
dimensions of the clock
how all things in them
refuse to stop

time reflects
what you gave away
only you can choose
the best way to spend a day


Seizing the day
while locked away
only to look away

what a disgrace
the shape of this place
a world full of music, that forgot it's own pace


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