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Artist: GemInEye
Artist's Description
I wrote this song in 2016 during some very trying times. With the current global pandemic, it seems fit that I re-wrote it under a more pertinent context. Considering the title.

Genre(s): Blues, Metal, Blues Rock, Black/Death Metal
Mood(s): Dark, Evil, Hard, Horror, Scary
Style(s): Death
Language(s): NONE
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$75.00


By GemInEye

My affection
for infection
will now cease

Free yourself
from this disease

This affection
for infection
cannot breath

if you free yourself
of your disease

My affection
for infection
I will no longer feed

[Verse One]

Scream to drown out
the sound of guns
sing to kill the pain
dished out from infected ones

Screaming for hellp
in absolute oblivion
neighter God nor my self
can be found, I need someone

[Verse Two]

Acklowledge the mysterious
admiring the way of kings
acquired knowledge of this travesty
only brings it to me
keep that fire burning
for sorrow I sing...


It will not steal my joy
I refuse to let it
the sickess taking over
My time belongs to me
stay away unless you get it

[Verse Three]

Humanity has a disease
symptoms include:
running away from dreams
doing things
you know are toxic
with no way to stop it


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