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Aaanomoly- Hidden

Artist: Aaanomoly
Artist's Description
Title is "Hidden" I put all my effort in every word and lyric, should be easy to work with over almost any beat

Genre(s): New Age, Soundtrack, Mood Music, General Hip Hop, Ambient New Age, General New Age, General Soundtrack
Mood(s): Cool, Proud, Sad, Technical, Thoughtful
Style(s): Alternative, Druggy, Inspirational, Nostalgic
Language(s): English
Standard License:$5.00
Extended License:$10.00

Aaanomoly- Hidden

By Aaanomoly
smoke is in motion it floats all around me i hope i can cope while drowning
im open to try things
the drugs in my mind is enough for a fix
fix of two kinds and i might need a lift
lift into line cuz this life that i live longs for design and i might need a bitch
bitch to get by
in the mind of a sinner time flies tonight im high too late too much,
tried and decided to fight it got stuck
sticks in the mud are different from us
accustomed dont trust em dont give em no fucks
keep my coo and i dont let mention my limits im new to you
usually i can get thru to you
never got used to you
using me losing you
chosing to do you
while leaving me
now that i see thru you
bound to benith and im grounded agreed to lose found it to be,
found it to be the blues i been upset i been frownin more frequently drownin in misery
soundin like he should be cleanin my mess
empty inside cuz im on the cement
colder then ice no remorse or regret gotta quarter of sense n the rest is just stress i dont wanna forget got no one to impress upset cuz the hole in my chest im dead only here for some rest


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