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Take your knee

Artist: jerry freemann
Artist's Description
Another song inspired by the death of George Floyd.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Rock
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Anthemic, Determined, Sad
Style(s): Inspirational, Motivational, Peace
Language(s): English
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take your knee

By jerry freemann
1 there’s liberty they say for all
and justice too goes hand in hand
but sometimes both these truths will stall
that’s something I don’t understand

2 the law they told me is all blind
but I don’t know if it is true
some colours often look behind
when they see cruisers coming through

pre chorus 1
protected by the laws
that may have serious flaws
the colour will decide
which laws will be applied

double chorus
please take your knee
I cannot breath
with all respect
your job is to protect

please take your knee
stop killing me
I need some air
and you are here to care

3 they say life’s fair but that’s a lie
some people get the easy way
some others much more often die
but that’s just one more normal day

4 the lynching went for ever on
the civil rights sometimes are week
the equal chances seem all gone
how long shall victims just stay meek

pre chorus 2
the system claims it’s right
so do not try to fight
the system’s very strong
and you are in the wrong

double bridge
but everybody has that point
when they can’t take no more
your rage will curl each knuckle joint
you’re burning to the core

there’s so much everyone can take
and then the patience goes
it’s time to fight demand and break
don’t let your rights foreclose


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