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Artist: Chuck Casey
Artist's Description
Demons are your friends...

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Indie
Mood(s): Complex, Evil, Fast, Playful
Style(s): Comedy, Danger, Story
Language(s): English
THE DOUBLE DEVILStandard License:$15.00
Extended License:$25.00


By Chuck Casey

I was wandering in the desert
Looking to get a smash
When I came upon the Double Devil
Who smiled at me and started talking trash

Sit down, my friend,
You look like you can use a drink
We know you might be nervous
But you are luckier than you think

We have riches here beyond belief
Our kingdom stretches as far as you can see
Let us fulfill your wildest dreams
Or give you a taste of immortality

No thanks, I said, I’m in pretty good shape
But I could have used you guys before
You see I’m kept busy night and day
Because, let me tell you, I got demons galore

Demons ain’t nothing, both of them cried
We’re the main event-we’re the hot ticket
Three demons ain’t worth one baby devil
With both of us, you’ll be way too wicked

Then they leaned over and whispered in each ear
“To live is evil hidden in reverse”
Hold on, I screamed, you have gone too far
One devil is bad enough but two of you are so much worse

Double Devil, you just make things hard
And scare me when you tantalize
My demons don’t work like that
The most they do is socialize

Well sometimes they will scandalize
They got that down just fine
But they really like to rationalize
And that they do all the time

But we have talked enough
There’s nothing more to say
So I’ll take that drink now
And be on my way

After what I heard from you
You wicked Double Devil
My demons ain’t so bad
I’ll take them any day

Chuck Casey
Copyright 2011


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