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His life

Artist: Justin Trahan
Artist's Description
Stay in touch with God

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious
Mood(s): Anxious, Calm
Style(s): Alternative, Gospel Hour
Language(s): English

His life

By Justin Trahan
I can tell you how to focus
I can how to notice
I can even show you the way
To bright up the cloudy days
But if you want to know this
World has some flaws in
The way we treat the ones
That’s actually Gods sons
The book tells you he didn’t fight
He gave up cause he felt it was right
To put the weight on his shoulders
But the fight wasn’t over
For one to give up his life
To show the wrong from the right
He showed you can make a stand
By just taking your fathers hand
To give up life in front of everyone
Is the truth behind Gods son
I hate to break it to you
But that’s the truth

To live your life as a slave
It was not his way
When the respect is due
But choose to fight and argue
It happens here all over the place
It’s really just a slap in the face
Of the one by your side
It’s just like saying he died
Up there on that cross
And everything he said was false
The life he gave was a gift
For you to live


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