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Artist: Rap/pop
Artist's Description
I'm my youth what did I invest on.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Flowing
Style(s): Desire, History Channel, Nostalgic
Language(s): English


By Rap/pop

Yeah egoed smoking that dorm
From the clouds didn't hear it stalk
Puff n puff dose enough for a habit to form
How'd I look if I come back down
Crazy cough n cough from smoke I can't let go
Abuse till get used I might need more conc'
No limit god someday I'ma pay u a call
I'm just about in your zone afloat, so high
That give me school to run this school of thoughts
Hope you deciphered this wasn't 'bout drugs
I preferred a jargon no silly talks
I suffered referred you avoid that road
Will your learn or see me as trying make dough?
Oh tired of being with every bootylicious girl
Old to think she is precious, and I hit my lick
Dissing all previous like it's beef, I'm so new
Wi' the 'gram it's bound to get steep
One day you could slip, so never sleep
Ain't no way I say you stop dreaming
Live listening, Yolo for politicians
Feel me wealth is for the patient
So patient are you covered driving yourself to addiction
Black and white, we could get charged for treason
Fortunate it's a nasty bench, we can beat the system
guide is naked, who be our cloth
Need a pope come minister us
Its stupidity we adopting no one is left behind
Some never talk, some are undecided
Pain when I know that grin is paining
Otherwise folks its your business I minded

I'm full blown, no rubbers on
I'm rigid , I'm strong
Till time is too gone
Rearview mirror dirty spots, but I'm a
How not?I rules on the gram
passed that test, poor image is bad
The path I set my foot is ready made
Love, loved her she trended anyway
So this my hey days memory
I'm hero it makes me sorry
My hands dirty , ain't bathing them gets me worried
Now that I'm 33
Clear in the family who you should b at 33
Can you forgive me? Can I forgive me?
I'm qualified yet mystified at this sport
My pay overtime you can't quantify so lame
And yeah I been away
Take a train home, bread in that green bag
A case part of my homecoming
getting angry looking at this ugly


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