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Cosmic Spark

Artist: Cosmic Lyric
Artist's Description
Written while discussing the universe and cosmic forces that surround us

Genre(s): Pop, Rock, Lounge, Chillout/Lounge, General Pop, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock
Mood(s): Bright, Futuristic, Outer-Space, Positive
Style(s): Future, Motivational, Mystery, Nature/Science/Cultural
Language(s): English
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Cosmic Spark

By Cosmic Lyric
Some things are small
But part of the bigger picture
But there is still a way
To a better posture

It does not mean it is the best idea
Every step is followed by the next ideal
Stars are far away
But they still make a brighter day
They can make an array
Is it a spark?
Is it what we were looking for?
Is it cosmic?
Is it a bright door?

We need love today
As much as yesterday
Are stars what they really say
Or just on display
Say what they may
Cant hide me from the day
That follows another way
Is love a cosmic spark?
Is it what we were looking for?
Can music define cosmic love?
Is it what we were born for?

The love we had yesterday
Is no more than today

There is no need to be too eager
The bigger picture is what matters

No matter what we say
Words are light
Actions are the way
Love is a cosmic spark. It is what we are all looking for.
Music can define cosmic love. It is what we were born for.


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