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Artist: GemInEye
Artist's Description
In regards to all the current global events, this song is about the riots on the streets and how all it does is play right into the hands of the powerful. Keeping the weak weaker and the powerful more powerful. It presents an empathetic aspect as well as a closer look at all the other things.

Genre(s): Metal, Black/Death Metal
Mood(s): Aggressive, Bitter, Scary, Tension
Style(s): Danger, Death, Dramatic Soundtrack, Fairy Tales
Language(s): English
'Hellebore'Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$100.00


By GemInEye
[Chorus #1 of 2]
Deep in winter's desolate life
gloom need be adorned

In spite of fright
inside is the light

flowering hellebore

The beautiful poison
A hellebore will greet
spared from favors maledict
blooming bittersweet

[Verse 1]
Neath moonlight tipped in zeal
seething visage grown appeal

thick clouds draped
over endlessly masked faces
harmoniously gather
from varietal places

Reasons beget of pure indignation
fashioning imagination into time wasted

[Verse 2]
The gait of pauper-hearted man
tousled through towers of learning
disdained gifts incorrigible
now reduced to cars burning

Friendship once paragon
dichotomized by man
in caprice distilled
by the greed of the feeding hand

[Bridge #1 of 2]
Without snow
the winte bloom
will not grow
without snow
the winter bloom
cannot grow

[Chorus #2 of 2]
Deep in winter's desolate life
gloom need be adorned

In spite of fright
inside there is light

A flowering Hellebore

[Verse 3]
All energy expended
pervasively consumed
seems the party's over
no more struggle ensues

Indecent the beast
perched where it looms
awaiting his plan
to once again resume

[Bridge #2 of 2]
Beautiful poison winter bloom greets
now you've been spared...



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