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Artist: Stella Vega
Artist's Description
Heavy Metal blood dripping yet Vegan song against animal cruelty of any sort. Seitan means vegan food replacement. It is a play on words

Genre(s): Metal, General Punk, General Hip Hop, Alternative Metal
Mood(s): Angry, Disturbing, Evil, Hard, Heavy, Haunting, Industrial
Style(s): Death, Future, Humanity, Inspirational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$30.00
Extended License:$180.00


By Stella Vega
It hit me like a bolt of thunder
We can stop the world’s hunger
By eating plants from the fields and lands
Rather than legs, skin, heads and hands

Seitan feeds the world
Tofu is a saviour
Orange, I devour your flesh
Papaya, I am hungry for you

70 Billions of animals are fed trillions of plants
The plants that could feed every single man
World hunger would stop if farmers used the lands
To grow just plants and washed the blood off their hands

Your body isn’t a coffin for the rotten flesh you crave
Animal is not a commodity that you can enslave
And killing them does not make you brave
Trophy hunting is a barbaric game to play

Mankind is brainwashed and broken
Pigs bodies are burnt and gassed alive
Led through the dark corridors of death
Sensing the gas chambers, they gasp for last breath

Hens get battered, cows heads stunned with a gun or a bolt
Shot, hung, skinned, dismembered and cold
It’s hell on earth, born in a cage, orphaned, sold for gold
Man, it is time to stop animal farms, the concept is so old

Hung and still dripping with blood
They are looking down at the man,
Who engineered that wicked plan,
They conclude that Devil himself is a better man

So called animal lovers keep pets in the house
Yet send the pigs and the cows to a slaughterhouse
Hypocrisy of the brainwashed, discriminating man
Saddens the vegans, bring on the slaughter ban

Cats, dog, monkeys and bats in some far away lands
Are taken live to wet markets in some dirty vans
Then get murdered for food by inhumane hands
This bring on zoonotic disease, to stop it, take a stand


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