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Now That’s Country

Artist: Unidentified
Artist's Description
The songs I write are meant to be sang in accordance with a soft country beat; Along with a soft beat. A small put together amount of beats; That hit with the words just right. The words in the songs I write proves the style songs I write. The lyrics I write provide entertainment the whole time.

Genre(s): Country, Bluegrass, General Country
Mood(s): Cool, Determined, Epic, Fast, Flowing, Full, Futuristic, Leisurely, Lively, Proud, Regal, Simple, Sweet
Style(s): Action Adventure, Future, Psychedelic, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$350.00
BUY COPYRIGHT:$80,000.00

Now That’s Country

By Unidentified
Beginning as an Artist. With that Monday night tune. I put my feet down. I put my feet in the water. And took a stamp at the moon. It was me and Old hinda goal grace. Spending time down in heaven. O it was me and you. Down that old country road.
Now that’s that old country road. It wasn’t without establishing. That Record old tune. That I had them boys bouncing. Up early feeling like there on the 10 o’clock news. It was all because of the woman. Had him with that old man feeling. The old country pastures.
Everywhere seen. I sang my heart out for you. And I brang in the amps. To go with The country tune. I’m speaking. Now that’s Country.

(Hook) - Country boys. Weeelllll wheewwwww.
- That’s right. If I told you. A fellow.
- Listen.

I was hittin the high tunes on Old and out. Without a certain doubt in the mouth. I bring it to the Stars and stripes. Now let me tell you a little bit about my life. You see. I was raised right. And without a word. I wouldn’t be missing the fight. If I’m in. I’m in. You in.?
Whatcha holdin in.? Boooyyyyyyyy. I told eum. Old timers.

(Hook) - Ouch man. WTF you burning me with the grill food flipper for.?

Alright. Lets get back to this country song.
Can anybody tell me. Where the Country water hose at.? I mean. Wheeewwwww.!

Come on now.

Alright. Today I’m a singer. Tomorrow I’m in another town. Glanced woman.
That’s how I treat woman.

Come on now Duncan. Smooth Duncan. Jazz Duncan.!
Put on that sweet music. Play the Jazz to them.!!


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