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Everything Changed

Artist: Emilly Valdez
Artist's Description
It's about how love bends us to someone else's will, like how we wouldn't live without that someone.

Genre(s): Pop, Acoustic Pop
Mood(s): Calm, Melancholic, Sad, Slow, Soft, Sweet
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$60.00
Extended License:$100.00

Everything Changed

By Emilly Valdez
Where had you been?
All my life
Because all at once
It all collided
The moment I saw you looking back at me
I must confess I felt complete
In that moment
Everything changed

Hold me tight forever
In your sight
Don't want to feel lonely
Neither let you down
My heart only beats with you by my side
And it breaks when we are apart
As when I met you
Everything changed

Tell me you feel the same too
Morning star, my heart yearns for you

Was afraid of falling
You stole my heart
And now I fear everything
That would make me lose you
What if I'm not what your heart desires?
I give myself up to your greater cause
Break me then fix me
My love won't ever change

Even though I feel lonely
Most of the time
And insecurities haunt me
Through daylight and nighttime
The thought of you is what clouds my mind
What if I'm someone that you don't like?
Lie to me if you need to
I'll believe you every time

Tell me you feel the same too
Starlight, my heart breaks for you

Scared of letting you down
More of losing you now
Please forgive me if I'm not enough
I'd do my best for your love
Because when we locked eyes
For the first time
Everything changed.


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