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Artist: Rap/pop
Artist's Description
Into young problems trying solve problems young.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Determined
Style(s): Broadway Musicals
Language(s): English


By Rap/pop

Now we tried say something
Too fast shit keeps piling up
So sad sad he met untimely death
It's no hope we here by our faith
The analysis all over the chanells
Graph for any typical young man
And we and the systerm trust is torn
Not funny I guy wishing they ain't born
Ain't no food, we adore the guy that ball
Work so hard success eluding us why
Hear my unfairly tales, read between the lines
Think drug for amusement, got to pain to numb
Sex babe ain't bout relationships
Esteem boost , these boys got no lives
Girls make up, everyone of 'em wanna be the queen
Dress lesser seeking be recognised, no longer queer
You ain't a celebrity, unworthy of this status
E'rbdy in the hood wanna rock her mind, they got a similar perspective
I know u only know yourself from the mirror
I know what flows in these boys, I know the hood I'm an insider

Filth flow, we no exception
Kicks thick might need Fury gloves
It got too hot for a fan to cool
Got us running, need for a Bolt pace
E-learning stupidity catching up with us
Got so crazy ills turning solutions

See the need be so diffused
Seen my teenage bae gettin' abused
Living by the debt choices get absurd
He showed up on time, she dont believe Jesus
Eighty Since then she lives large
See what i see you called reverse
Right in the bar drink up on her
Married to ten guys cause no real man
'Em a same bunch hearsay
Infatuation have carried on on years
Came up thru church and everything
Age urges got us out chilling
From coffee dates straight to weed
Revamp action rate a girl might notice
The hood so inadequate ,she must look at something though
Rocked a badana Jordan tall hope to get mind blown
Can't skip a topic like a decade a go
Fucked up our sis proudly called it love
Knocked up sis ,don't know name of that child
All hybrid, one matter of time a girl sprouted, we get attracted
Where is the lead, babe this a leak
Foolest get the trophy, how it is in this league
Joined the jig, ts perfectly provocation
Dressed enough to tease boy tell u prohibition
Got married to mind games brain sharp like 3 Plato's
He divorced his beautiful wife same day I divorced love
I think gods heard it cause too many prayed it happen
Tears streaks against a sport less face so novel
Tell you we failed the test, we too shallow
And I see you trip upon biggest ass around
Some fool still got her up on scope
Shooters foolish impression clouding our resolve.


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