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Artist: GemInEye
Artist's Description
A song about hate. The taboo emotions Americans seem to find to be a "Bad thing" when you feel it. This song transcends this folley of repressing emotions and brings to light that to work on ourselves more and worry about other people less, one can achieve true peace & accomplishment

Genre(s): Metal, Black/Death Metal, General Metal
Mood(s): Aggressive, Hate, Solid
Style(s): Death
Language(s): English
'Travesty'Standard License:$100.00
Extended License:$200.00


By GemInEye
[Verse 1]
Where has my conscience gone?
ran off with my sanity

Too tired to believe the lie
that anyone is my enemy

everywhere I go,
everybody's is mad at me

Will I ever find my way
from this infinite travesty?


the travesty
is the man you see
in your own actions

A travesty
to live this way
why can't you see
the magic?

A travesty
is actually
what's keeping you from action

too concerned
with your neighbor
to appreciate
what it is that really happens

[Verse 2]
Sometimes reality
changes to insanity
sometimes I'm freezing cold
in hell's kitchen
in the midst of blasting heat

All these chains
I forged within anxieties imagining
lead me to the fire

Too tired to care anymore
now I'm just wanting
the Sun to blast the heat
til the Moon's full & then retreat
She let's me go just to repeat
leaving me emtpy, cold & replete

[Chorus repeats]

[Verse 3]
This travesty will be
forgiven not forgotten
how can I live
among the fiendish demons (&) goblins?

This travesty it keeps
me warm inside my soul
to burn brighter
than any star
I'll not be forgotten when I go

[Bridge/ alternate & final chorus]
I will find my way
I have got today
you have all the same
highest joy & lowest pain
unconcerned with loss & gain
only question left to say
is when you fall & lose it all
will you get back up again?


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