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Missed the mark

Artist: Kyle Waldron
Artist's Description
A song about bouncing back from failure and proving people wrong

Genre(s): Rock, Goth Rock, Grunge
Mood(s): Aggressive, Confused, Dark, Proud
Style(s): Alternative
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$100.00

missed the mark

By Kyle Waldron
There are times that you have missed the mark
there have been times you've gone too far
is there a reason you made a false start
unintentionally broke so many hearts

you can't always have it the way you want
sometimes what you want it gets lost
not through any fault of your own
a loss sometimes is how it will go

Can't stop till you find perfection
you are on its heels you chase it down
not gonna be an easy progression
you won't stop til you find it some how

you've found top gear theres no slowing you down
hearts beat and hands clap in the crowd
the hurdles of your life infront of you
go and smash them down you know what to do

Can't believe that you moved on so fast
here was us waiting for a relapse
you've really gone and took it in your stride
the time you serve it will be a new life

a life going one way took a turn
would have taken time but now you've learned
the turn you took wouldn't have been the worst
worked so hard to get what you deserve


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