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South Park “Big Cheesy Satin Laugh”

Artist: Unidentified
Artist's Description
The songs I write are meant to be sang in accordance with a soft rap beat; Along with a soft rap beat. A small put together amount of beats; That hit with the words just right. The words in the songs I write proves the style songs I write. The lyrics I write provide entertainment the whole time.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap, General Rap
Mood(s): Cool, Determined, Epic, Fast, Flowing, Full, Futuristic, Leisurely, Lively, Proud, Regal, Simple, Sweet
Style(s): Action Adventure, Future, Psychedelic, Story
Language(s): English
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South Park “Big Cheesy Satin Laugh”

By Unidentified
Big cheesy satin laugh from South park. I bring in the flavored ice cones. I’m satin.
Yoo. Yooo. I was kind of dribbling with the rhyme scramble with it. It was light weight. Turned with it though. Bring in the bring. The catch of the day. Satin. Bring up Satin. Raise Satin. Bring in Satin. In a suitcase. Stuffed. With a Suit coat on. Chest out. Up. I marsh-mello sat. I patty caked in a month. I learned German. German.

(Hook) - Mind speaking to a crowd. Outloud. Jose Quevo Drunk. Quev it.
- With it though. I made beans.
- By yesterday. I cone out. Ice.
- Construction cone jewelry out.
- Iced out. Diamonds.

Big cheesy satin laugh. I speak to the approach. I basically speak spanish. Biscuit speak it. More than handsome. Satin in a suitcase bag. Big phrase. I Tim Duncan dunked. Big cheesy satin laugh. Days. Days days days days.
I saw Fat silverado. Fat silverado. The Fat silverado. The real Fat silverado. To he hurtin. I open up the top of a bat. Twist. And splitcha head. Split. Been to the mountain top of gold. Gold. Hung out there.

(Hook) - Mind speaking to a crowd. Outloud. Jose Quevo Drunk. Quev it.
- With it though. I made beans.
- By yesterday. I cone out. Ice. Construction cone out.
- Jewelry. I figure out angles of angles; A triangle.

The cones out. Cone algebra math. Swerving. Twirling. Beech. Bizzz. I speak hand-and-eling. A football game to you. I attieve. Attieve. Attieve. Attieve. Attieve. Money. Paid money. Piling. Money was piling. Piling. Piling. Piling. Piling.
You all have been listening to a certified damn. Rap accountant. Bitch. Developer. Man. Settler. Setter. I jumped in the bush. I pulled out my back. You wanna play in the back. I handled that. Jump in the back. I jumped in the bush.

(Hook) - Dead-pool personality thoughts. If your having macaroni and cheese.
- I love macaroni and cheese.

- Mind speaking to a crowd. Outloud. Jose Quevo drunk. Quev it.
- I made beans. By yesterday I cone out. Iced out in jewelry.

Tough. To the walk. To the boat. To the claim. To the claim beer. To the beer store. To the drink. To the exercise. To the flank. To the institutions. To higher learning. To higher standards. To higher standards integrated. To me. I got you.

To you. I squash every little itty bitty. Every little bitty of you. I squash itty bitty. To the hive. I was itty bitty scrambeling eggs. Shell soft. Balanced. I speak with my nose twitches. You in.? I was making music. I was producing. I was music. And then I hopped. I skidd-duddled. I basically broke. Cents. Change spent. Breaking into your brain. Into your brain. The brain of the venting vent. Peevent. Breathe.
Vent. Vent. My exit. Therapy.!


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