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Not your song

Artist: Love Laura
Artist's Description
I’m hoping to open people’s eyes

Genre(s): World, Scandinavian
Mood(s): Dreamy
Style(s): Fairy Tales, Heartbreak, Humanity, Story
Language(s): English

Not your song

By Love Laura
How do I reach u when you are worlds away?
I know I shudnt try, things r best left the way they are
If only you would open your eyes, and just see for a second what I’m seeing,
Would you try to reach me? And I’d not be alone anymore

I love u like I’ve never loved, I love u like I’ve never lived. I wish u were here with me. How long more do I have to wait?
I will always wait for u, I cannot forget this love, but I want you to have everything, everything that I can see 4 u

Lonely times are calling. I’d never want this for you. Will u ever see me to love me again. I’ll just have to be patient. But I would wait through anytime to have u here with me again. I’ll never stop loving you. Never ever, never ever.

I miss you so much my heart is aching. If u could only hear your voice thru my ears. I’ll love you forever I swear. I’ll keep u safe from all harm. If only I could love u right, I’d never b alone again. Please open your eyes and see me. So we can be together again

As the day dawns once, I just wish U’d open my door, step inside and be with me. Please just see, just see. I don’t need everything as before I just need u here near me. I can pretend there’s nothing more just so I can just be, just be alongside you.


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