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Artist: Claudius H Tally
Artist's Description
You can go anywhere you want only in dreams. This lyric "Dreamer" will is written in an easy and adventurous way where it allows the audience to reflect back to his/her dream and tapped into the possibility of the dreams becoming true.
Great lyric that will take you on an adventure.

Genre(s): Jazz, Classical Guitar
Mood(s): Easy, Relaxed, Slow
Style(s): Action Adventure, Elevator Music/Public Access TV
Language(s): English
DreamerStandard License:$15.00
Extended License:$25.00


By Claudius H Tally
Dream Big Dream Small
Dream A Like Dream Different
Don’t Care What Others Might Say
Dream A House Dream A Car
Dream Her Dream Him
What Is It All About?
What Is It You Really See?

Dream All Dream Them
Dream Your Love Ones
In Your Mind Don’t Let Go
Dream Short Dream Long
Dream Wild Dream Free
Why You’re In A Doubt?
Why You Stop To See?

Oh It’s Never Been Better
But When You Hold It Forever
You Can Make It Better
It’s Now Or Never
If This Is What You See
Than Its What You’ll Be
Oh Do Not Flee
From What You See


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