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For the better times

Artist: Justin Trahan
Artist's Description
It gets better if you hang in there

Genre(s): Country
Mood(s): Bouncy, Bright
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): English

For the better times

By Justin Trahan
When asked what it all means
The life the world and in between
Why stay in a life with all this mess
And not run to a better place
Just pack up and just hit the road
Why not just let this go

I do it for the better days
I do it for her sexy ways
I do it cause I just belong
I can’t do that just on the phone
I do it cause of that Diamond ring
Because I promised her everything
That don’t end with the rise of the night
Not with just a stupid fight
It’s because of the world I see
Cause she is good to me
And it just fits just right
She’s really out of sight
You don’t give up cause of material
It’s more about how you feel
Things get bad but they never last
She brings it back just as fast
She’s the woman of my childhood dreams
People said tats just a fling
Now standing next to me
The whole entire world will see
I did it cause I love my bride
Who she made me on the inside
Love like this should be a crime
So I do it for the better times


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