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Artist: Ivory!
Artist's Description
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Genre(s): Jazz
Mood(s): Cool
Style(s): TV Themes
Language(s): English


By Ivory!
The moment you knew you opened a view,

so I wouldn’t be like you,

but now I want to be like you ,

you gave me the right to,

(Next bar) You lived within your womb

A place that you escape into,

now I’m standing beside you,

my idol,

we’ll never be Alone, (echo alone), we don’t sing that song

We’ll never be alone, (echo alone), houses don’t make homes,

Hardships, the process

Where the only concept is progress,

Just you, just you no options,

No choice for losses

(no pause) tested, lessons, making you the hero

Tested, question, looking in the rear view,

Checks invested everything you own

Obsessed, the message, we’ll never be (alone)


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