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I'm happy 26 today

Artist: Claudius H Tally
Artist's Description
Looking for an awesome lyric to celebrate a 26 birthday, "I'm happy 26 today" is a great lyric, where once put in music, gives that bright, happy and fun mood for every recipient on his or her 26 birthday.

Genre(s): Classical/Orchestral, Modern
Mood(s): Bright, Confident, Happy
Style(s): Action Adventure, Celebration, Story
Language(s): English
I'm happy 26 today Standard License:$15.00
Extended License:$25.00

I'm happy 26 today

By Claudius H Tally
If there's any special time
To remember in my life
I will say "this day"
Cause its your birthday
In everything you do
You mean so much to me
May God's special blessings
Be yours all year through
So let's make your Birthday
Great again

Have a joyous moment of your life
Level 26 unlocked
(What do you say?)

It's not a majic and its shouldn't be a mystery
It's not to be famous
Cause fame is not what'm after
I'm just a star who helps
Brightening up the sky
To make this world a better place
For you and I
Today is still my day
I'm happy 26 today


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