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So dark you're beautiful: an act of malice

Artist: .the sacrilege of jaq minion
Artist's Description
I'm in love with the feeling

Genre(s): Metal, Black/Death Metal, Hardcore Metal
Mood(s): Aggressive, Dark, Epic, Evil, Hate
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$28.00
Extended License:$100.00

So dark you're beautiful: an act of malice

By .the sacrilege of jaq minion
Opening(female lead)

I'm not
an act of malice

I'm lost upon my death
Come lay with alice

My tomb awakens all
Evil has prepared me

I've lost all but my will
May god forsake me


God's breath bestowed
Life unto all

I never knew the fall
But I'm exalted above all

I'm the new ancient evil
I will never be Devine

God says I am
As I created from sand

No one will help you
pleasure is a state
Of madness

I'm fornication
Within the act of malice

You're an act of malice
God destroyed your orfice
he left you orphaned

No one cares
Why you feel this way

I live within myself
In service of death

I'm okay with your destruction

I don't want
A heavenly introduction

My life is predicated
In wake of my faith

My eyes are now blinded
As I bound and tortured


I'm never an act of malice
I'm just a groupie
That's smells of Death
My heart remains black
Watch me masturbate in my bath
Howls from the damned
Embrace my dissension
Now I'll become your Alison
In my state of malice


It's never an act of pleasure


Heaven is self serving
I know I don't deserve it

Hell embraces all
As it transcends
from within us

My rush is to judgement
I'm not alone

fxxx my judgement
I'm not judgemental

I'm just withholding
All within the act of malice

Hell is self serving
I know all are murdered

I'm not worthy of judgement
But I behold all begrudgement


I'm never going
to be your malice
I've given all I had
In the murder of Allison
My act of malice
Desecrated all
in lou of your faith
I'm here right beside you
As I walk with a gape


I want you to fxxx me
Unlike all before me


I'm not an act of malice
My mind is unprepared

Death becomes my act as I live within its maddnes

My Sweeny is beautiful
Todd became its preparation

I'm not an Ali's son
I'm inside my daughter

Welcome to your act of malice

I'd welcome you to Alice
But she awaits her trans

My hands are dirty
And so is my ass

I'll never defend you
In your act of malice..


I'm lost from within
My state of malice
Hell becomes my lover
My last rites are sacrificed
I'm desecrated amongst all
I now know of the fall
I can't seem to withstand
Heaven as I
Eradicated from existence


I want you to believe me
Unlike all before you.


I'm now a state of malice
I live amongst the heathen

I now reside within
It's Darkness

I've known all stages
Of evil's malice

I'll never be free
As I die within malice....


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