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Showing my skills...

Artist: Doka
Artist's Description
This was a freestyle I did to Joyner Luca's "Will" song...

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Cool, Determined, Easy, Peaceful, Positive, Proud
Style(s): Celebration, Desire, Story, Triumph
Language(s): English
Showing my skills...Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

Showing my skills...

By Doka
I'm showing my skills
I know we obsessed with making these bills
I'm keeping it real, How do we go about making a bill?
I think I'm goin go to the government
Tell'em the truth, we just not lovin it
We need positions of power in place, Let's come together, Let's form a covenant
Let's make a way today, before we just fade away
Let's cover all of the angles, talking like A to Z
Let's get together, so we can do better, for those that paved the way
Life is about all the choices you make, It's really about, the games we play
Imma lay back in the cut, seeing what's up, seeing what moves to make
I can just handle enough, never to tough, What's in the news today?
People be following fluff, all of it's bluff, They be confusing me
Tryna get us in a rush, buy all this stuff, These devils are using me....


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