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Switch up

Artist: Omotola
Artist's Description
It is suitable for parties and able to lift the spirit. rap that is flowing

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Foreign Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Flowing, Light, Lively, Soft
Style(s): Party, Story
Language(s): English
Extended License:$190.00

Switch up

By Omotola

I thank God I ain't a broke nigga *3 times

Switch up, link up, level up!!! *3 times

Verse 1

Ib city to the world,
Nigga, it was all broke,
Now, the story is different,
Gold chains on my neck
Snifff sniff sniff
Counting racks now
We grinding all day
Babes dey all around
All day
Can't even count how many
Slide into the lambo
Swish all day
I could talk bout this all day
But, I ain't got the time , nigga
Skrrr, skrrr, when I'm parking up
Powerglide like a machine
I'm on one,

Feel the vibe,
Vibes for life,
Lines for life,
Bosses for life.

Verse 2

My cousin just called,
Told me to hit Santorini,
Hooped in the jet,
Gotta make it in time,
For my nephew's wedding,
Can't take no niggas not wearing black,
It's all cold here nigga,
Got bout -50 degree celcius,
Gotta bring up the fireworks,
I'm shining baby,
Can't stop a homie,
Remember when we was
All down, broke as hell,
Couldn't even go for a
Now, the story is different,
Shows all night,
I'm getting choosy, bitch,

Verse 3

The star is the starting point,
We all good now,
Things go well at
The right time
Gotta take a chill pill,
U ain't gotta rush shit,
The work is starting to pay off,
You see the racks,
They up to the ceiling baby mama,
Imma buy you that jet,
Just so you can fly anywhere,
You don't have to cry,
We balling baby,
Like bosses

Verse 4

That's how it's 'posed to be,
Things are dark here,
Might just switch up things a lil bit,
Gotta shine...
Enough drama,
Enough story.
More work,
More action.

Five star hotels balling,
Ion even check the price,
Nigga, it's bout the cream,
Bitch don't call my phone if you ain't got nothing to say...



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