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Artist: OMA
Artist's Description
A decision to break out of a toxic relationship.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Angry, Determined, Energetic
Style(s): Inspirational, Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00


I hardly see you at home cos you're always with the guys
In the club, strip clubs
Getting down with the girls
Coming home late at night drunk out of your mind.
And though I've learnt not to complain,
You still won't let me be.
You call me the worst names
Then you take me like them whores.
You don't respect me,
You don't deserve me.
You treat like I'm nothing
But damn I know I'm something.
I've got an education,
I grew up with a vision.
And I ain't letting that go cos you made my death your mission
I'm breaking out of this chain
I'm using my brain.
Get the fxxx out of my way
Baby boy I'm done.

I'm done
Done with the heart breaks
Done with your blows
Done with the heart aches.
Boy I'm done
Done with the harsh words
Done with your lies
Done with the tears.

To think that everything I did
I did it all for you.
And all the sacrifices I made all just to please you
But they don't mean shit to you.
I'm just your darling little fool,
A pretty little flower with no need for care.
I'm withering, I'm dying
But you ain't even noticing.
Yet each time you fall for sure I'm your freaking medicine.
I'm always with a swollen eye
Or with a broken bone.
Each time I'm asked
I say I slipped and fell down the stairs.
I'm done hiding your shit for you.
Yet each time I try to leave
You go on your knees and beg.
You say you're sorry, that you love me,
And you're done hurting me.
But damn you sound like a two time broken record.
You don't know shit about love you only know hate.
Mean is your second name, and horror it's your true face.
Time for you to face the world alone cos I'm leaving you.
Mentally, physically,
I'm done.


I won't be your fool forever.
I won't stay invisible.
I won't be your pleasure object
No more, no more.


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