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Boldest Declaration

Artist: Nisa
Artist's Description
Determined, romantic, and hopeful love song

Genre(s): Country, Pop
Mood(s): Determined, Romantic
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Extended License:$300.00

Boldest Declaration

By Nisa
Verse 1
We promised we would someday
And we have done so today
Right before hundreds
Here to witness

They listened attentively
As we promised intensely
To love unreservedly
Till the end of eternity

Taking vows of endearment
Proof of our strong commitment
This is by all measures
The boldest declaration of my love for you

Exchanging words of devotion
A statement of deep emotions
This is by all means
The boldest declaration of your love for me

Verse 2
Your smile put me at ease
As you looked into my eyes
Then it was your turn
And you said just the same

I held your hand proudly
As we walked out so happily
Knowing that with certainty
We meant every word precisely


Clearly….our boldest declaration of love
Truly…our boldest declaration of love
Surely…our boldest declaration of love
Undoubtedly… our boldest declaration of love

Chorus till end


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