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Artist: Soufiane Boulassel
Artist's Description
This lyric is a blind expression of true love that has left a sore heart behind. where? how? and why I fell the way I did? Is a top-secret story

Genre(s): Country, Piano, Acoustic Pop, Musicals/Broadway
Mood(s): Dramatic, Easy, Full, Icy, Innocent, Mournful, Romantic, Sad, Slow, Soft, Strange, Thoughtful
Style(s): Broadway Musicals, Nostalgic, Story, TV Drama
Language(s): English
Wonder Standard License:$12.00
Extended License:$150.00


By Soufiane Boulassel

All the moments we spent together
We laughed and cried
I gave you like it doesn't matter
All nights we embraced
You ignored all, I'm struggling
I am fighting my fate

You put me out of your door
I didn't understand what You were looking for!
Now I'm standing with heartsore
Glazed eyes over the skyline, is that all?

I know that my Sun has died
Here comes my friend, The dark knight
Asking why I am still awake?
A stolen heart makes me wonder

Are you awake or are you sleeping?
Are you thinking the way I'm thinking?
Are our hearts still beating on the same rhythm?

I heard that you found your love
Well I wish you all of luck
I wake up at night to write those lyrics
With tears and thoughts that make me wonder

Does he love you; as I loved you?
Does he hug you; as he won't let you?
Does he wake up at night to take care of you!?

And I wonder.


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