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Artist: JJ Christoffersen
Artist's Description
Got a girl chasing a girl or you know a girl. This is the perfect love song to get her attention.

Genre(s): Country, General Country, General Easy Listening, General Pop, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Bright, Confident, Dancing, Dreamy, Flowing, Fun, Happy, Joyous, Magical, Playful, Positive, Proud, Pretty, Relaxed, Romantic, Sweet
Style(s): Desire, New Years Eve, Nightclub, Square Dance
Language(s): English
Standard License:$35.00
Extended License:$40.00


By JJ Christoffersen
Girl you got it all
Those eyes your curves
You got me swerving on these words
Texting me from the bedroom
To come watch our favorite cartoon
Then the way you laugh when i text you back
And you make me chase you when we hit the sack

Like a boss your flawless
Do what you want your lawless
Big heart you take care of me
A work of art that's what i see

When i take you out your all i know
We sing every country song on the radio
Turning everybody's head as you walk in
All mine your fine your a perfect 10

Like a boss your flawless
Do what you want your lawless
A beauty queen the girl next door
For you i fein its you i adore

Baby to me your flawless


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