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Underprivileged America

Artist: Tiffany Pettey
Artist's Description
I wrote this song about a certain situation (not to make fun of it) and about other situations going on in my life. I am drug free but I take psychiatric medications. I feel that I can make a difference. I don't promote violence in any way. I just want to make that clear. Idont rhyme just to rhyme.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, General Rap
Mood(s): Anxious, Determined, Energetic, Floating, Fun, Happy, Innocent, Introspective
Style(s): Celebration, Comedy, Confusion, Desire
Language(s): English

Underprivileged America

By Tiffany Pettey
Verse 1 Living in the desert on red alert
It gets so hot that it hurts
Where all those people were killed at the concert
I live in that city on the outskirts
It's not funny that situation I don't mean to pervert
All them bullets flying thru shirts and skirts
After reading that expletives everyone blurts
Be mad at the shooter the covert introvert
It is corroborative nobody wants to relive
These lyrics are truth and quite determinative
I don't like guns only my lyrics are combative
Lyrics about guns not all I have to give please forgive
Only dreams of paper I could be gettin
The only paper I'm getting is the notebook this verse is in
This paper and pen my only weapon
Just like the Migos I be Offsettn
All these lyrics are smokin
Where's the ashtray to put my cigarette in
The sun is now settin
So watch where you're steppin
You'll be frettin in the night when the darkness sets in
I'm as broke as a Monk and I'm not Tibetan
I'm still the one this countrie's neglectin
This life I can't win
Living and dying in poverty my only sin
God always threatenin me got me sweatin
Call my mother she's my next of kin
Who is on the ballot up for reelection
They're so transparent can't see their refection
Couldn't pass any test or any inspection
So much corruption without detection

Chorus: This is a message from underprivileged America
We all slaves to labor just sitting here starin at ya
For this country there is not a replica
We should just start over and go backwards an era
Poverty no property only basic commodities
We are at liberty to buy Arsenal's in quantities
On the contrary guns shouldn't be novelties
We pay in casualties instead of fight for our soveirgnty
Verse 2: In this so called democracy not a dynasty
Hopefully my words if variety gain notoriety
I'll tell you the irony I'll tell you defiantly
Living in society without any privacy
Some of us choose to live violently
Others choose to live quietly
Very few decide to finally enjoy sobriety
I have and this is the reason for my anxiety
Besides for my eyesight I use headlights and a flashlight
When I stop rhyming you'll see my brakelight
I'm the White Knight who brings a pen to a gunfight
While I write coronavirus got me so full of fright
Can't even go fly a kite or catch a flight
Locked up at home alibi and house both downright airtight
The sun outside is bright I know I need sunlight
In hindsight this might bite I'm inside all night
Good thing I'm the play write because I get stage fright
Unlimited data definitely more than a gigabyte
Great service because of the height of my satellite
Coming faster at you than a meteorite at the speed of light
I'm not alright because I have no property rights
My future looks bright because I can recite
These lines overnight better than a neophyte
I can cite this verse outta sight and words all right
World of underprivileged America this regime
Supposedly a nation so supreme
This is why my verses theme is not mainstream
I am an army of one I have no team
For a minute like a moonbeam I may gleam
Everything is a daydream nothing is what it seems
This extreme dream is a chance to redeem
I'm bursting at the seams with rhymes in my bloodstream
Chorus: See Above


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