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Clear Your Mind

Artist: Nisa
Artist's Description
Optimistic, Calming, and Positive Relaxation Song

Genre(s): Country, Pop
Mood(s): Positive
Style(s): Ballad, Peace
Language(s): English
Extended License:$300.00

Clear Your Mind

By Nisa
Verse 1
There so much happening around the world today
There so much going on in our lives everyday
Sometimes this can be overwhelming
And at times too much to handle

Well Just take each day at a time
And don’t you worry about tomorrow
Even when you tumble and fall
That isn’t the end of it all

Step back and take a look around you
It all seems like turmoil
But don’t get drawn into this hustle
At times all it takes is a simple walk in the park
Just to clear your mind

Take a moment to reflect on what’s going on
It all seems like too much to take in
But don’t be in a haste to follow
At times all it takes is to get away for a while
Just to clear your mind

Verse 2
There’s too much suffering everywhere today
There’s no telling where we’re heading to
Sometimes you feel like you’re losing the fight
A feeling of helplessness

Well you don’t have to despair
Coz tomorrow will be better
And with so much hope in our hearts
We shall overcome all our fears with time


Just hold your breath…to clear your mind
Take off some time…to clear your mind
Close your eyes…to clear your mind
And Lay down beside me…to clear your mind

Chorus till end


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