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Power of woman

Artist: Chris Marrow/ Tr13z
Artist's Description
This is something you can use for a major label

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Optimistic
Style(s): Commercial
Language(s): English

Power of woman

By Chris Marrow/ Tr13z
If I put my drip on your lips tell me what you really miss.
It's okay when you come you know that cookie heaven sent
Intoxicated by my figures its heavens scent
I drive the boat until you're mine a blessing. Gifts of a curse there hella bent
Swan down on the niggas and you know that I repent
Kings and Queens on my board with a natural lisp
I speak life in my verses you're gonna drown after swimming to the naturalist.

I'm the one of your dreams and seldome as it seems. You took one to the head ain't no bussing back at me. I peek at you and run my tongue you know this has is green. I'm the one in your life bad bitches bussing beams. Let me shock you while we're chasing cream. That's a hook for you so you can sell your dreams.


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