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Artist: All HeArt
Artist's Description
Written from the heart...

Genre(s): Country, Easy Listening, Country Blues, Mood Music
Mood(s): Sad
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00


By All HeArt
So arrogant, so foolish, mistake after mistake,
it's amazing how many I would make,
thinking I could save others through the years,
replace their anguish, dry their tears...

I thought I was strong enough to heal,
thought I could teach them to once again feel,
hoping in the end they'd see my strength,
knowing I would be there, and go to any length...

Off again to the rescue, putting others' safety first,
no matter the struggle, the storm at it's worst,
I pull them from the danger, from the churning sea,
wrap them in the warmth of a blanket, and me.

Like the rock I was strong, or so I thought,
trying to save others, to rescue them I sought,
putting myself at risk to save yet another,
as if they were my child, and me their Father...

Hoping in return I'd earn their respect, maybe even their love,
understand it was me that helped them rise above,
knowing I had always done my very best,
put me on a pedestal, high above the rest...

Off again to the rescue, putting others' safety first,
be the oasis in the desert, and quench their thirst,
pull them out of despair, so they can once again be,
a part of this world, and thank God on their knees...

The best laid plans don't always fall into place,
selfishness, disappointment, these I would face,
never realizing I may be the one they were looking for,
using me for my strength, until I was needed no more...

Accepting my dreams would be replaced by fears,
that I had wasted so much time, so many years,
on others who wouldn't even thank me for the risks I took,
just another chapter, in another's book...

Off again to the rescue, putting others' safety first,
giving it my all, 'till my heart almost burst,
never asking for much, never charging a fee,
it was just who I was, just me being me...

Off again to the rescue, putting others' safety first,
being the light in the darkness by which they've been cursed,
but the day finally came, overtaken by the sea,
it was then I realized no one would be there to rescue me...


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