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Artist: Ivory!
Artist's Description
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Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, R-n-B
Mood(s): Bright, Calm, Confident, Cool, Dancing, Easy, Forgiveness, Fun
Style(s): Sex
Language(s): English


By Ivory!
Verse 1:
You only call me when you need it
I just fine with it
Just make sure you save some of your energy for me
For me
If you want it you can get it
All through midnight hours baby
Any time, any place
Take me on a journey

Can you feel?
Do you like it there?
Oh you do I can tell.
Can you feel it? (Can you feel it babe)
Do you like it there>? (I do, I do)
Oh yes you do I can tell but

Please don’t go slow
You push it to the right and I say this
I’m gonna explode
Damn right you should
Just please don’t go slow
You push it to the left and I hear this
Please don’t goooo
Round 2
Oh let’s go

Verse 2:
No hurry we got time to waste
You just set the pace
Make sure you finish the race
Quickly, really quickly
I know you wait
Tell me if you need it
Let’s make love through morning light
Anytime and any place
Take me on your journey


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