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Penny for your thoughts

Artist: Sevenstar
Artist's Description
Poetic ballad based on a true story

Genre(s): Childrens Music,Nursery Rhymes,Alternative Country
Mood(s): Meditative,Mellow,Peaceful,Thoughtful
Style(s): Fairy Tales,Peace
Language(s): English
Standard License:$35.00
Extended License:$100.00

Penny for your thoughts

By Sevenstar
I stopped on a bridge
In a forest deep
And prayed the Lord
My soul to keep

Then tossed a penny
Into the stream
And watched the liquid
Copper gleam

Time stood still
As in a dream
Heaven on Earth
With me in between

I lingered awhile
And left too soon
The paradise found
That cold afternoon

I've passed over that bridge
Many times since
And spotted my coin
Still in suspense

But now there were others
Nickels and dimes
Scattered about
No rhythm or rhyme

A constellation formed
By errant hands
A song of hope
Submerged on land

Like stars at night
In the Twilight Zone
The duller the day
The brighter they shone


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