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Desperate measures

Artist: Lordbeefin
Artist's Description
Features an experience of distinc and natural lyricism.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive,Calm,Dramatic,Optimistic,Thoughtful
Style(s): Alternative,Humanity,Mystery,Peace
Language(s): English
Cover Version:$22.75
Standard License:$40.00
Extended License:$70.00

Desperate measures

By Lordbeefin
It's not everyday where we complain about dramas that invade the privacy intensified piracy less we forget complies unless it's primacy takin our thoughts to a world of defeat I ain't enticed to see the entitled cause of sleep like sorcery falsifyin media policies don't you get it the occult accomplished provoked the bank vault to be stolen by accompanied culprits publicly coverin their riches as we watch dreamt about listin fifty different ditches fitted excusable as I hide from detrimental behavior it's abysmal more or so unusual to confront a desperate side of me I live my life as an unknown prodigy but it's the times of desperate measures that i may dispossess my victims as I appeal constantly not to be judgmental as you know you can't be pure and steal as a thief at the same time deem to reach a state abberated from a criminal fate not entirely askin you to be sentimental but give up the credentials of hate replacin experimental basis extreme levels of confidentials sittin sturdy ready to hit up fundamental uplifts for the sake of confident claims impossible as particles found after an explosive article evades us as parcels act as tactical traits expressed as bilingual mails.


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