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The Water Under The Bridge

Artist: All HeArt
Artist's Description
Written from the heart...

Genre(s): Country, Easy Listening, Country Blues, Love Songs, Pop Vocals, Soul
Mood(s): Mournful, Sad
Style(s): Heartbreak, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

The Water Under The Bridge

By All HeArt
He did not understand, he thought his love had grown,
then things got out of hand, and then some stones were thrown...
He's over burdened now, maybe he should've known,
he's not sure why or how, his to carry on his own...

He will carry the burden and carry the blame,
just please don't blame him for never being the same,
He can only say sorry, for making that blunder,
while trudging along, searching for the water under...
The water under the bridge.

For although he hurts, there's not much he can do,
the stones remain to remind him, he hurt others too...
His to carry, with others, and he does his best,
hoping they'll find a place, a place they can rest...

He will carry the burden, carry the blame,
to his rescue it seems, it seems nobody came,
he was left all alone, to sit and to wonder,
if he'd ever be free, find the water that's under...
The water under the bridge.

His memory it reminds him, as others do,
that he's the one to blame, you know it's nothing new...
He's tired and he's lonely, but he keeps moving on,
hoping to find what he seeks, before his life is gone...

He carries the burden, carries the blame,
and he's walking through life, without any flame,
it has now been so long, he sits and he wonders,
if he'll ever find peace, ever find the water under...
The water under the bridge.


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