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Time to get it.

Artist: Steve studious
Artist's Description
I wrote this song yesterday. I wanted to do something in response to the money raps people do. So I wrote a title in a style that is used in writing poetry. I kept that same style of writing for most of the song. The chorus says something about Jesus.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Bouncy, Confident, Energetic
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): English

Time to get it.

By Steve studious
I get it started. I departed from the house. A mouse was running down the street with speed. I need public assistance with my life. The world is full. Of strife and pain. I will now gain. The upper hand. Standing in the. Club sandwich bread. Of life one wife. A knife to cut. A rug in two. This is the way. I do it like. This is the joint. I prove my point. Jesus Christ Lord. I surf turf. I am blue Smurf. Searching for peace. The rhyme won't cease. To amaze me. To amaze me.
Time to get it started parted. The Red Sea he. Was a prophet? The Son Of God.
Get lost. I paid in full the bull fighter. I am a West coast representative. I do it well. This you can tell. By the way I. Write and speak flows. This you well know. I am not Joe. So now you sow. Seeds of hate. Instead of love. Instead of love.
Instead of hate. Love your brother. Honor mother. Praise your dad sad. feelings soon will. Leave you lonely. My one and yes. Only lady. She is shady. She wants a baby. I said," Woman you are crazy?" I couldn't be. Lazy man in chair. She braids I fade. To black Mack sack. Of herb for you. Of herb for you.
Time to get it. Started parted. The Red Sea he. Was a prophet? The Son Of God.
Timeless artist. He is the man. With him I do. Serve whack rappers. They need to learn. The Devil will. Burn the flesh in. Hell is so hot. Torment awaits. We have our fates. I want the great. Day of the Lord. To be good for. Me I have tried. She hasn't died. For the cause pause. Put on the breaks. All of these snakes. In the tall grass. I have some class. Let trouble pass. Holy Sunday mass.
Time to get it. Started parted. The Red Sea he. Was a prophet? The Son Of God.


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