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I Just Kept Travelling

Artist: Chris Meredith
Artist's Description
Looking back at a life lived with an eye to the future

Genre(s): Country
Mood(s): Introspective
Style(s): Travelling
Language(s): English
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I Just Kept Travelling

By Chris Meredith
Early misty mornings by the railway tracks
Dodging the engines and never looking back
In the distance I could see the way ahead
To all intents and purposes my previous life was dead
I met some old ghosts along the way
They just stared at me and had nothing much to say
Freedom beckoned to stop me from unravelling
I understood its importance and just kept travelling
I just kept travelling towards the sun
To feel the warmth of life like a father to a son
To realise that my life had just begun
I kept travelling, travelling, until my life was done
It took me many years to reach that resting place
You know, the one where you can hide both sides of your face
And others cannot look at you with their mock distaste
And time heals memories that were once erased
I just kept travelling towards the moon
I don’t expect to reach it anytime soon
Until I do I will whistle this mournful tune
I just keep travelling, travelling, waiting for that moment opportune


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