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The Universe Inside

Artist: Juan S
Artist's Description
This is a song about grasping that incredible and awesome feeling of pure, real freedom! It is about an awakening. Spritual, actual and right now.

Genre(s): Folk, Rock, Indie, Acoustic Pop
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Anthemic, Confident, Confused, Cool, Determined, Dramatic, Energetic, Epic, Full, Happy, Introspective, Lively, Positive, Proud
Style(s): Celebration, Inspirational, Motivational, Party
Language(s): English
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Extended License:$100.00

The Universe Inside

By Juan S
-Freedom! Where will you take me?
I'm at the crossroads again.
No way if knowing, which way I'm going,
Yeah, I'm on my knees again.
-Life! Who will you make me?
How do I fit into your plans?
Sat on my throne, just me, on my own,
Now, I have chosen to command.
- It's just a gaze into the stars,
And endless wander through the dark.
All this time, looking for somewhere to hide
From all the universe inside.
- Time! When will you tell me?
I have heard it all before.
Locked in this room
With the sun and the moon,
Nothing else to do but stare at the door.
-It's just a gaze into the stars.
An endless wander through the dark
All this time, looking for some way to hide,
All the universe inside.
-That tree falling in the woods,
made all the noise that it could.
No one was there so nobody cares
But we all wonder if we should.
-Freedom! where will you take me?
Now I have chosen not to hide.
No way of knowing, which way I'm going,
Yeah now I have chosen to decide.
Yeah now I have chosen to decide!


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