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My Train.

Artist: Gainde Empire
Artist's Description
I'm a West African born man who have travelled the world with experiences revealed in songs, blogs and books. My contribution to music is a direct result from my love for hip hop, rap and r&b to the point it has changed the trajectory of my life.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Aggressive, Dark, Energetic, Hard, Scary
Style(s): Nightclub, Story
Language(s): English
My Train. Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$100.00

My Train.

By Gainde Empire
My Train My train is coming,get out the way.Unstoppable like Denzal:the wild.My train was crafted in a place you'll never know for that we are aliens from places you can't never know either legal or illegal we here to stay,turn us into slaves.We'll rise to become the king you can't stand.It's cool cause we are used to hatred and just like DMX said most poeple who show us love will end up taking it back out of envy and jalousy. You stole my brothers and sisters from Africa:land of the strongs and survivers.Turn them into slaves like the Jews in time of Pharaon.For some of us who understood the test we took it like Christ took death when instead He could call for Hid father's army of aliens to come to earth and make the life we have here history. My people with the Mexicans built this country opposed to the native indians who'll rather die than to be turn into slaves.But you still denied us our nationality how much of a injustice that it is but God is ruling now and after He let Devil have his time it's payback time which is a real bitch.
From the top to the bottom,evil for evil.Let's go,my train is unstoppable. It's coming at full speed and if it should derailled that'll mean we all dying and you know we don't give a fxxx about that for that'll send us to heaven while your ass will be blazing in hell.


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