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Because of her, only for her

Artist: Georges Dwailibi
Artist's Description
This song describes the desire to forge a serious romantic relationship, but he has some fears that the girl could absorb and makes him move straight to successfully ignite a brilliant love story.

Genre(s): Pop, Rock
Mood(s): Romantic, Slow
Style(s): Ballad, Humanity, Inspirational, Story
Language(s): English
Extended License:$200.00

Because of her, only for her

By Georges Dwailibi
To keep it secret and delay
Or wait for later and play
She may wait but she wants to move ahead
A step backward or forward
Because I was afraid for her head
Many things to loose or nothing to fear
Two states of mind that affect our gear
I don’t want to be mean
But for sure I want to be real
Because of her, only for her I made a swear
Her silvery voice vibrates all over the place
It’s even shading the beauty of her face
She has a vibe that made me liberate myself
I set my time and opened my mind
Because of her I decided to climb
I couldn’t see what I will find
But I was happy to drag myself inside
I don’t want to complicate my life
Basic joy is what I strive for
Because of her, only for her I made a swear
Troubles may come one day, yes I know
But they want be a mayday or more
We will catch them in our hands
And throw them away
As to take the bull by the horns
We have no aim to play
We will learn together
We will teach each other forever
It’s an equal game
Where you and me can be a winner
Because of her, only for her I made a swear


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