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Clean pure water!

Artist: Pearlbay Band
Artist's Description
As the land burns and the wildlife dies the farmer has to shoot his stock. The scale of the fires is immense and it boils down to lack of water.

Genre(s): Blues, General Blues, Contemporary Country, Traditional Folk, General Christian, Environmental Music
Mood(s): Complex, Haunting, Meditative, Thoughtful
Style(s): Ballad, Bollywood, Inspirational, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

Clean pure water!

By Pearlbay Band
Way out west they’ve had no taste
Of hail, nor rain nor aqua
The farmer has to shoot his beef
Fore they die from lack of water
No Clean pure water
Clean pure water

Wheel out for that Southern cross
prime it to lift more water
From deep beneath the arid plain
The sails spin round but not a drop
No Clean pure water
Clean pure water

Keep a drivin’ Sam through sparks and ashes jam
fire spirits rule the land, listen your old man
Its left the snowy plain, white ash n’ dry flame
Starless skies above, God cant hear the injured cries
White heat boils the dust, what we crave most
And the burnt out count the cost of
Water, water, clean pure water.

When you get to that herd of beef
Who’ve devils dust to chew on
The sun beats down the heat rolls on
Sam load your gun, you wont save ‘em
His eyes are sick of slaughter
Need pure clean water
Clean pure water

Sam saw visions in the plain
Oasis green a’ shimm’ring,
Sam it’s just a wishful dream
fire spirits dance n’ its unclean
As close he got, he just could not
Find pure clean water
Clean pure water

Wedgetails ringed blue Mountain high
At blackened beef the bullets fly
The fire wind Mariah rolled by
No river deep no mountain wide
No one heard those wild bush cries
No pure clean water
Clean pure water

Sam ground his teeth n groaned at why,
“This land’s a dustbowl empty ‘
Grapes of wrath fall from the sky
though was once a land of plenty
Of pure clean water.
Clean pure water

On High plain a lightning rod
Struck the rock right where Sam stood
as Moses staff peeled back the flood
A rolling thunder, welcome sight
the fissure gushed blue heaven’s light
Water, water, Clean pure water
Clean pure water
Water, water, Clean pure water
washed the land of empty.

Francis Armstrong © 18/01/2020


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