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Artist: Archimime
Artist's Description
A hard 2 verses and a chorus, good for a more underground/gangsta vibe. English lyrics.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,Gangsta,Underground Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive,Bouncy,Confident,Cool,Complex,Energetic,Fast,Fun,Hard,Pompous,Proud,Solid
Style(s): Nostalgic
Language(s): English


By Archimime

Corrosive like mercury in the veins of a human,
Gasoline and arsenic are in the drink I’m consuming,
Im a mushroom I’m booming, or a flower I’m bloomin,
This is 1993 computer games I be doomin,
It’s not highly technical but the skill is highly detectable,
It’s quite a spectacle turning rappers into a vegetable,
I hexed the flow,
Leave your right side so there’s nowhere left to go,
I told you not to write because it’s better that I’m left alone,
I’m amazin you wastin your conversation, you lambastin and debatin if a super saiyans worth hatin,
I stay patient, like hospitals and resuscitation, my investigations revealing the next to get the flamin,
I’m remainin the ultimate fire tamin brain and,
Name you as a flame tamer that was tamed by the flame,
Your sarcophagus is marvelous, see I created you and ended you in these pages just like a novelist,


I’m the Big Boss lyrics are savage,
I got Anthrax raps, I deliver the package,
All these young kids rappin they don’t know how to write,
They soft gettin tucked in, wearin jammies at night,


The Stephen king of rap, the bear that set up a human trap,
A dolphin moon walkin, while you wonder how he doin that,
Big deal, doing over 80 on a big wheel,
Snap my gun in half before I pop it like a big pill,
lyrically murder or leave em never walk-in,
Swinging and stompin, kalishnikovin No moving or talkin,
Now he in a coffin and his familys who I’m stalkin,
I’m a Killa see, I’m torn, rip you out your fuckin grave plot and,
Stay rotten, When we attack it ain’t real fair,
Ima leave you crawling like I stole your fuckin wheel chair,
I’m a Jedi don’t test this,
You a toy yoda like metris,
And even as a janitor you couldn’t clean up your messes,
In my verses are hexes, crushing your solar-plexus,
I’ll shoot you from a huffy bike while you be whippin a Lexus,
My rhymes are bigger than Texas,
Get the long horns if you test this,
You must be out of reception you ain’t receiving the message,


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