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Takeaway heart

Artist: Ray X
Artist's Description
A stridently rhythmic, pushy exploration of a nagging question: when we can have what we want, whenever we want it, how might this affect the way we treat each other?

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Genre(s): Alternative and Punk,Hip-hop/Rap,General Pop,General R-n-B
Mood(s): Aggressive,Bouncy,Bright,Confident,Cool,Dancing,Dark,Determined,Disturbing,Dramatic,Dreamy,Eerie,Energetic,Fun,Full,Futuristic,Galloping,Groovy,Hard,Heavy,Haunting,Hypnotic,Icy,Introspective,Light,Lively,Mechanical,Magical,Playful,Polyphonic,Pretty,Repetitive,Simple,Solid,Tension,Thoughtful
Style(s): Desire,Humanity,Nightclub,Party
Language(s): English
Extended License:$25.00

takeaway heart

By Ray X
takeaway heart
I want ya when I want ya
hot trash in my hand
I yearn, adore, then spurn ya
takeaway heart -
wanna saunter city with ya;
then unbother with ya fodder
con myself ya'll get recovered

got a takeaway brain
refined sugar mind, sugar
I want ya when I want ya
I want ya when I want ya

takeaway heart:
no I can't ever be alone
or be seen non-nonchalant -
gotta carry on carryin'
till my hand becomes
continually cupped -
formed for my pickin' up then chuckin' ya,
soon-dead of my decadent love

even as you feel
my sweet lips rest against ya
know that you'll soon go
when I'm hot enough to drop ya

takeaway heart
now empty for collecting
any other's dregs
since I left ya begging
it's my right, don't try deny it
to have ya when I want ya
to yawn and then abort ya
stride on from the detritus

never seeing you again -
such is my freedom
don't wanna know how much you hurt
takeaway heart


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