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The Dark Road (Pay the price) - (c) BENO 2019

Artist: BENO
Artist's Description
Hard fast lyrics for what i believe could be a loud aggressive punk / hardcore tune (I actually noticed a spelling mistake (Enemies not Enemy's) arghhhh.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, General Punk, Hardcore Punk, Grindcore
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Bitter, Dark, Disturbing, Evil, Fast, Heavy, Revenge, Sad, Tension
Style(s): Danger, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$75.00

The Dark Road (Pay the price) - (c) BENO 2019

First you are their lookout
That gets you in the door
Then they give you little jobs
To build the trust some more

They tell you that you're family
And you are one of them
They give you lots of money
And treat you as a friend

But once you start the dealing
You're trapped inside the hell
It punishes and pains you but
There's no one you can tell

It escalates to shootings
And violent gangland feuds
Blood in, blood out, their motto
So evil and so crude

Your life's now changed forever
With enemies all round
You cannot sleep at all at night
Listening for each sound

You end up in a prison
You lose your kids and wife
Fighting for survival and
Contemplating life

Regretting bad decisions
Ignoring good advice
You chose the path of no return
And now you pay the price


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