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Late Night Blue

Artist: Beautiful Mind Lyrics
Artist's Description
Late Night Blue - twilight talk

Genre(s): Blues, Rock, Blues Rock, Electric Blues
Mood(s): Solid
Style(s): Nightclub
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

Late Night Blue

By Beautiful Mind Lyrics
I spoke with you
At Late Night Blue
On Twilight Avenue
We had to meet again
Another smoky early morning
Jazz and blue notes drawing
Lines upon your face
As you talked about your pain
Like you were lost in space ----chorus
A life behind the curtain
Does certainly exist
Promises are uncertain
When you kiss in the morning mist
To expect a revolution
To provide a dawn solution
Is to die before you’re born
Just find the resolution
Not to cry before the storm

Low light down and mellow
In that funky night club bordello
We found a buzz we could follow
As tomorrow formed downtown
Where the kerbs absorbed the sound
In the neon tinsel haze
Of a world turned upside down ------bridge

Late Night Blue

I played the game of listener
To hear the vocal whisper
Of the thoughts you could not filter
When the drinks begin to choose
The rhythm and the blues
In the tunes
Inside our shoes
Like a hum within a tomb
Filled with soul ------chorus


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