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Do Not Fear

Artist: Mandy Vinson
Artist's Description
A lyric about trusting the Lord and knowing everything is going to be ok.

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, Alternative Country, Christian Pop
Mood(s): Happy, Joyous, Optimistic, Peaceful, Simple
Style(s): Inspirational, Inspirational/Christian
Language(s): English
Do Not FearStandard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

Do Not Fear

By Mandy Vinson
Verse 1:
When I am lost
And feel like giving up
At what cost
Have I had enough
I hang my head
And let my heart speak
These words were said
As he answered me

Chorus 1x:
Do not fear
You will be fine
For you my dear
Have been through harder times
Trust my word
That I give to you
Because I'm sure
You're gonna make it through

Verse 2:
With you I'm strong
But without you I am weak
When I do wrong
For you I seek
When my path is blinded
And I can't see
I am reminded
Of what you said to me

Chorus 1x

Verse 3:
He knows our paths
And the steps we'll take
He has our backs
In every turn we make
When you start to worry
Bow your head and pray
And through his glory
You will hear him say

Chorus 1x

Do not fear
You will be fine
For you my dear
You are mine


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