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Sure Did See

Artist: Sanaban
Artist's Description
Song about infidelity. A secret tryst or liaison..

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk,Avant Rock,General Pop,General Rock
Mood(s): Dramatic,Heavy,Haunting,Playful,Proud,Strange,Thoughtful
Style(s): Danger,Sex
Language(s): English
Extended License:$125.00

Sure Did See

By Sanaban
Full length mirror in my room
It saw everything we do
It saw everything ‘bout you
‘N’ what you do, wit woo
The cat calls

See your tidy little strip
Smooth and tidy little hip
Enough to make a young guy flip
Couldn’t get a grip
Slip of the clutch

Reflected all the butterflies
Reflected all ya fervent sighs
Reflected all the downright lies
Took us to that enterprise
Too much for you
Too much for me
Echo everythin’ it see
Sordid docu-men-tary

See ya split from side to side
Lay ya down ‘n’ open wide
Rise ‘n’ fall, slip ‘n’ slide
Hope you satisfied
You decide

Dust off the welcome mat
Mouth to mouth, I’ll eat that
Down amongst the spit ‘n’ twigs
Man we sure havin’ a shingig
Ya dig

Reflected thru the lookin’ glass
Reflected you a higher class
Reflect the sunlight on your ass
Angels fear where I trespass
Too much for you
Too much for me
Echo everythin’ it see
Sure did docu-men-tary

Sure did see


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